The Pieriboni family history in the wine sector dates back to the early decades of the last century, when Attilio and Noemi, the grandparents of the current owners, started to grow vines on the beautiful hills of the territory of Gambellara, in Veneto, known since ancient times for its production of fine wines.

It is in 1970 when Adriano, Attilio's son, with the help of his wife Milena created the company Pieriboni buying in the site of Mason in Montebello Vicentino at the foot of the hills a small farm-house surrounded by not more than ten acres of land.

Over the years, after abandoning the usual old tradition rural activities, such as sowing and stock-breeding, the farm started to undergo significant changes orienting towards the cultivation of the vine.
So that, in 1980, the old farm gave way to a small winery where it was possible the independent production of wine from the grapes of their own vineyards.

At the end of the 90s, the company acquired new properties and thanks to the production of high quality wines, it won a significant place in the world wine.
At present, the company is run by Giovanni and Paolo, Adriano's sons.

Their goal is to improve more and more the quality of their wines starting from the land up to the winery. This is why they make use of the professionalism of agricultural technicians and experienced oenologists while enjoying the cordiality and hospitality of the friendly family-run company.